VariZoom ZF Control Sony/Canon

VZ PRO-L Zoom-Focus Control
VZ PRO-L Zoom-Focus Control 2
1-day Rental $55.00
7-day Rental $110.00
What You Get
  • Zoom-Focus Control
  • Cable
  • Case

Product Description

The VariZoom VZ-PRO-L is a lens remote control system for Sony or Canon LANC-equipped DV camcorders, like the Sony V1U and Z1U, or Canon XL1.

A true variable speed zoom control with manual focus, the VZ PRO-L utilizes a LANC connnector to control both zoom and focus from a single handle. The combination rocker switch and speed control dial allows the camera operator to vary zoom speed with a single movement. The unit also has a manual control knob for focus adjustments. Other features include:

  • An LED recording indicator
  • Built-in Wake-Up Switch that returns the camera to Standby Mode if it automatically shuts off
  • All in one, heavy duty, clamping system fits most tripods and jibs
  • Zoom-Focus Control
  • Cable
  • Case

Compatible Camcorders

  • Sony, or Canon (LANC Equipped)

Cord Length

  • 40″


  • Aluminum

Dimensions (LxW)

  • 6.5 x 4″ (16.5 x 10.2cm)


  • 1 lbs (0.5kg)