Tiffen Coral 2 Filter

Coral Filter
1-day Rental $11.00
7-day Rental $22.00
What You Get
  • Filter
  • Soft Case

Product Description

The Tiffen Coral Filter is a general-purpose warming filter. It is commonly used to produce slightly orange skies and is very popular with cinematographers. It’s key features are:

  • Add a touch of warmth to a scene
  • Creates a warm “orange-ish” look
  • Enhancing existing colors to creating subtle drama

Basic correction to warmer, or cooler, than “normal” is possible. Corals can also be used compensate for the overly cool blue effect of outdoor shade (such as shooting against the side of a building in shade).

  • Filter
  • Soft Case


  • P-Size (4″ x 5.65″)


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