Tiffen Blue Grad 1 Filter

Blue Grad Filter
1-day Rental $11.00
7-day Rental $22.00
What You Get
  • Filter
  • Soft Case

Product Description

Tiffen’s Blue Graduated (blue to clear) Filter can turn a run-of-the-mill shot into a memorable image. This unique filter adds spectacular color to one half the photo while leaving the other half untouched. Not only will it add color, but it does so with a subtle and extremely gradual transition between the two halves of the filter.

Primarily used for shooting landscapes in the morning, or at dusk to make them breathtaking. Can be used in combination with other filters to create effects in both the upper and lower parts of the image.

  • Filter
  • Soft Case


  • P-Size (4″ x 5.65″)


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