Tiffen 812 Warming Filter

812 Warming Filter
1-day Rental $11.00
7-day Rental $22.00
What You Get
  • Filter
  • Case

Product Description

The Tiffen 812 Warming filter improves skin tones and is ideal for people shots on a cloudy day, or outdoors in shade on a sunny day. When the subject needs just a little extra touch of “pink” in their face, the Tiffen 812 can save the day. This filter makes the difference between a close-up that seems “washed out” and flat, or one that is so much more flattering to your subject. An 812 Warming filter:

  • Is ideal for people close-ups, or scenery
  • Adds warmth to pale washed-out flesh tones
  • Produces warmer results than the Skylight 1-A filter
  • Filter
  • Case


  • P-Size (4″ x 5.65″)
  • 82 mm Round
  • No additional information available