Apple Box (w/Baby Plate)

1-day Rental $9.00
7-day Rental $18.00
What You Get
  • Pancake Apple Box
  • Baby Plate

Product Description

Matthews Apple Boxes are made by quality cabinet makers and conform to the high standards set by Hollywood professionals. These high-quality, laminated birch apple boxes are built to stand the test of time on any set.

The Baby Plate has almost as many names as it has uses, i.e. aka Baby Nail-On, 750 Pigeon, or Nail-On. Originally designed for mounting Baby fixtures to walls, today they are also used as the world’s lowest stand by nailing the unit to a floor, or apple box.

  • Pancake Apple Box
  • Baby Plate


  • 2 lbs.


  • 12″ x 20″ x 1″
  • No additional information available