MG 2D2K Flicker/Dimmer

Rental Days

• 1-day rental – Pick-up after 3 pm day before/Return by 10 am day after
• 2 to 7-day rental - Pick-up after 3 pm day zero/Return by 10 am day 3 to 8
• Weekend rental – Pick-up after 3 pm Friday/Return by 10 am Monday

$30.00 - 1-day $60.00 - 2 to 7-days $30.00 - Weekend

What you get

  • Dimmer

The Magic Gadgets 2D2K Flicker/Dimmer is a compact single channel flicker box with a 2,000 watt output capability. The unit features 16 different selectable patterns that are digital samples of actual events including: firelight, candles, television sets, movie screens, lightning, and others.  Pre-programmed, user-selectable effects include:

The unit creates patterns by making rapid level changes between the high and low dimmer settings. The Flicker 2D2K makes 5 light output changes per cycle. As the light follows the digital commands from the unit and rotates through the levels very realistic animated patterns are created. By setting the HIGH and LOW dimmer controls to limit lighting changes lamps can be made darker (warmer, more fire colored) or brighter (cooler, less fire colored). Capitalizing on the slow cooling characteristics of tungsten filament lamps, patterns appear smooth and realistic.  Bigger filaments in higher wattage lamps produce smoother transitions.

What you get

  • Dimmer

Tech Specs

Maximum Wattage

  • 2,000W


  • 5.6 x 4.2 x 3.9 Inches


  • 2.4 lbs (1.08 kg)

Operating Temperature Range

  • 32-176 degrees F (0-80 C)

Manuals & Info

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