Losmandy Porta-Glide Dolly Sled

Porta-Glide Wheel Trucks
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1-day Rental $110.00
7-day Rental $220.00
What You Get
  • 8-Wheel Dolly Trucks (2)
  • Case

Product Description

Transform a Doorway Dolly to run on track with a Losmandy Porta-Glide Dolly Sled. Its unique design, with one stationary arm and three pivoting arms, lets the dolly float effortlessly on all traditional curved tracks. Unlike other sleds, the dolly remains centered throughout the curve on a Porta-Glide.

Porta-Glide Dolly Sled has also solved the problem of bumps caused by wheel flat spots because each of the 16 wheels has a different diameter. All dolly sleds using skateboard-style wheels develop flat spots very quickly. This requires the Dolly Grip to roll the dolly back and forth repeatedly to reshape the wheels until the flat spot is no longer detectable by the camera. Losmandy’s unique concept of different diameter wheels instead of 16 flat spots hitting in unison, each wheel returns to its flat spot at a different time, eliminating bumps.

The new Porta-Glide Sled’s redesigned armature makes it easy to attach and detach wheel assemblies from the truck by simplely removing 4 bolts. The hole pattern of the bolts is the same as the speed rail adapter made by Modern Grip Equipment, so Porta-Glide wheels can now quickly convert to a Speed Rail Dolly, or readily attached to any other platform desired. The speed rail option gives the Dolly Grip the ability to mount the dolly sideways in what’s sometimes referred to as a Chinese configuration to get the camera closer to a wall.

  • 8-Wheel Dolly Trucks (2)
  • Case
  • None available from the Manufacturer