Losmandy Monitor Support Bracket

Balanced Monitor Support Bracket
Balanced Monitor Support Bracket 2
1-day Rental $10.00
7-day Rental $20.00
What You Get
  • Bracket (monitor NOT included)
  • Case

Product Description

With the Losmandy Balanced Monitor Support Bracket now any 8-inch (or smaller) monitor can be used as an easy-to-view, on-camera display for jib, or tripod work.

When used with a jib as the camera is moved up and down, the bracket’s handle enables the operator to control the angle of the monitor at all times. For tripods the bracket is a perfect solution for mounting a monitor next to the camera.

Also, because it’s balanced, whenever the bracket handle is released, the monitor remains in that position. For example, as a camera is boomed upward above the operapor’s head, it can be flipped upside down, and if released it will retain this position until moved again.


  • Bracket (monitor NOT included)
  • Case
  • None available from Manufacturer