Letus Micro 4/3 to PL-Mount Adapter

PL to Micro 4-3 Adapter
PL to Micro 4-3 Adapter On AF100PL to Micro 4-3 Adapter On AF100 #2
$28.00 per day
$84 per week
What You Get
  • Adapter w/Support Bracket

Product Description

The Letus Micro 4/3 to PL-mount Lens Adapter is a critical accessory for MFT cameras. Designed from the ground up the flange is milled from high-grade stainless steel with medical-grade machining tolerances. The internal housing is matte coated to eliminate internal barrel glare. Letus also brings its expertise in back focus adjustment to the table with a simple, easy-to-use back focus adjustment ring. No more fiddling with cumbersome shims to set back focus. Simply rotate the precision-machined ring and lock it down at the desired back focus point. Easily adjustable on the fly to accommodate your entire PL lens collection.

  • Adapter w/Support Bracket
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