BNC HDSDI (Cable 300 ft w/Reel)

1-day Rental $18.00
7-day Rental $36.00
What You Get
  • 300' Cable
  • Reel

Product Description

High-quality Belden coaxial video cable for all video applications. These 75 ohm cables consist of a center wire surrounded by insulation with a grounded shield of thin metal and braided wire to minimize electrical and radio frequency interference.

Manufactured with UL listed cable, and nickel-plated male BNC connectors with a molded PVC strain relief to protect the cable.

  • 300′ Cable
  • Reel


  • 75Ohm RG-59/U, UL listed cable


  • Dual shield cable
  • 60% copper braid over foil

Wire Size

  • 22AWG copper covered steel center center conductor


  • BNC male connector with a bright nickel finish
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