BNC HDSDI Cable (10 ft)

BNC Cable
1-day Rental $2.00
7-day Rental $4.00
What You Get
  • 10' Cable

Product Description

High-quality Belden coaxial video cable for all video applications. These 75 ohm cables consist of a center wire surrounded by insulation with a grounded shield of thin metal and braided wire to minimize electrical and radio frequency interference. Maximum transmission length before signal degradation is 100 feet.

Manufactured with UL listed cable, and nickel-plated male BNC connectors with a molded PVC strain relief to protect the cable.

  • 10′ Cable


  • 75Ohm RG-59/U, UL listed cable


  • Dual shield cable
  • 60% copper braid over foil

Wire Size

  • 22AWG copper covered steel center center conductor


  • BNC male connector with a bright nickel finish
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