Cinekenetic Cinesaddle

Cine Saddle
1-day Rental $15.00
7-day Rental $30.00
What You Get
  • Cinesaddle
  • Shoulder strap

Product Description

The Cinekenetic Cinesaddle is used to quickly and easily attach a camera to any static, or moving object. Weighing only ounces the Cinesaddle supports all professional shoulder-mount and handheld video cameras, as well as 35 mm & 16 mm film cameras.

High tech beans inside the Cinesaddle absorb vibration, providing a very stable surface for the camera. Cinesaddle works using hi-tech foam balls to push the sides of the bag tight up against the camera, holding it rock steady. In similar fashion, the bottom of the Cinesaddle molds itself to the shape of the object it’s positioned on, preventing it from slipping.

  • Cinesaddle
  • Shoulder strap


  • 12″ x 12″


  • 16 oz


  • Canvas, 3 pockets, no pouch