C-Stand w/Shot Bag (20″)

$9.00 per day
$27 per week
What You Get
  • C-Stand
  • Shot Bag

Product Description

The unique staggered-leg design of a C-Stand allows it to be nested and placed extremely close to one another on a set. The arm and grip head are used for small fixtures, or positioning of gobos, flags and other lighting tools weighing up to 22 pounds.

20″ double riser, shorty C-Stands feature:

  • Spring-loaded, folding base
  • T and spin handles are ergonomically designed to allow for fast, efficient and safe tightening with little effort
  • 2-1/2″ gripheads with 16mm pins
  • Arc welded legs for maximum strength and lighter weight
  • V-shaped, brass brakes to ensure maximum three point contact and holding strength
  • C-Stand
  • Shot Bag

Footprint (Width & Depth Open)

  • 27.5″ (699 mm)

Load Capacity

  • 22 lbs (10 kg)

Folding Base

  • 21″ (533 mm)

Min/Max Height

  • 30″ to 63″ (76 cm to 1.6 m)

Attachment Size

  • 5/8″ male stud


  • 8.25 lbs (3.75kg)
  • No additional information available