An Unintentional Rescuer

It all started in 2008 when someone dumped a litter of unwanted cats behind my house around 5 one morning. One of the cats hid under bushes in my backyard and decided to adopt us. That’s when Smitten became part of our family and we became unintentional cat rescuers.

In the very hot, dry Summer of 2013 a long unoccupied building next to MLD was being renovated. Construction drove a large number of feral cats living there out into the neighborhood. One of the cats took refuge along the abandoned railroad tracks behind MLD. As I was leaving work one afternoon an undernourished-looking cat approached me in the parking lot. I immediately went to the store, bought cat food and returned. As I was walking toward the back fence the cat approached me again and when I took a handful of food from the bag immediately began eating. Before departing that day I set-up a feeding station near the railroad tracks for her.

Each morning I would refill the feeder and one day later that same week I noticed other movement in the shrubs along the tracks. To my surprise there were kittens; lots of kittens. Over time, as I continued to care for this family I gathered up the mother (Tawny) and her six kittens, and took them to a vet before making them members of the family.

A short time later that same Summer another cat meowed at me as I was at the feeding station. When I said Hi back Pepper came to the fence wanting to be petted. That was all it took. Now there were 9 rescues.

Today Smitten, Pepper and Tawny share our home, while Tawny’s six children (Boss, Brave One, Dallas, Grace, Ghost & T2) live in a specially constructed habitat in the back yard. Their enclosure includes a 20 square-foot, two tower, heated/air-conditioned condo, plenty of cat-friendly landscaping, an arbor for shade, and stone benches to hide under.

In late 2013 a young white cat with bright blue eyes started hanging around our feeding station. He too was rescued and taken to a vet for a check-up. Sapphire was such a naturally loving cat he became the official office feline. For companionship another rescue from Feral Friends was adopted. Her name is Cinder. Today she and Sapphire are best buddies. Together they live and play in a cat paradise constructed for them in MLD’s lower building while freely roaming the office areas. Next time you’re at MLD feel free to have a look at their Catarium.


From 2013 through today MLD staff continue to feed a wide-variety of feral cats and other animals that live in our neighborhood. The two feeding stations behind our building are stocked with dry food and water 7 days a week.

We currently have two regulars at the feeder; an orange Tabby and brown/black Tabby. Over time our feeder cam has not only captured cats, but also dogs, possum, raccoons and even a fox stopping by for something to eat.

Your rentals help support the growing family of cats and other wildlife MLD cares for. If you’re interested in adopting a rescue cat, two organizations we financially support are Cat Matchers (972-458-7877) and Feral Friends (866-865-6671).

Adopting a rescue animal will be one of the more rewarding experiences in your life!