Losmandy Porta-Jib Extended Arm

Porta Jib Standard Extension
Porta Jib Standard Case
$145.00 per day
$435 per week
What You Get
  • Boom Arm
  • Counter Weights
  • Case
  • 36" Extension Arm

Product Description

The Porta-Jib Standard by Losmandy in its basic configuration is designed to carry up to a 100 pound camera, tripod head and accessories, making it one the most versatile of all lightweight jibs. The system assembles in less than 5 minutes without tools. Once assembled the unit can reach a height of 7.5-feet inches with 6-feet of boom travel.

Now, to make a good thing even better, MLD offers an optional 36-inch extension that increases the maximum height of the jib to 10-feet. With the extension attached the Porta-Jib is still capable of supporting a camera and tripod head weighing up to 49-pounds.

With a weight ratio of 1 to 1:22, and a sliding counterweight shaft for fine tuning, the arm can be balanced in seconds, with a limited number of counter weights. Since no chains, belts or cables are used, a Porta-Jib requires little maintenance. Boom and pan friction, with variable drag, are also standard features. The unit folds easily without tools, and compacts into a single travel case.

  • Boom Arm
  • Counter Weights
  • Case
  • 36″ Extension Arm

Max Load Capacity

  • 49 lbs (22.23 kg)

Reach/Pan Radius

  • 57″ (145 cm)


  • 120″ (305 cm)

Pull Back (@ 56 degrees)

  • 19″ (48 cm)

Weight Ratio

  • 1:1.22


  • 45 lbs (20.5 kg)
  • No additional information available