Kino Flo 2-foot 4-bank 2-head Kit

KinoFlo 2×4 Kit
KinoFlo 2×4KinoFlo 4 Bank Ballast
$130.00 per day
$260 per week
What You Get

Product Description

Kino Flo award-winning flicker-free fluorescent systems have changed the way professionals light everything from feature films to television productions, video and still photography.

A 2-foot 4-bank unit is similar to a 1,000 watt softlight, uses 1/10th the power, and lightweight enough to tape to a wall. Also, color temperature doesn’t shift when light levels change.

Ballasts have an On/Off/Half-Bulb Illumination switch, and can also be set for 2, or 4-foot tubes. Each fixture comes with both 5500K and 2900K True Match lamps. KF29 lamps are different from the industry standard KF32 (3200 Kelvin) in that they more closely match the working Kelvin temperature of tungsten studio lights, which typically run below 3000K.